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Bringing you up to date with a letter detailing our recent progress.

A special provision was made when Dr. Wiji Ratnathicam visited the Vavuniya area in July 2014 and saw a need for a school water purifier. The inauguration ceremony followed in August. Yogi Rajasingam and his mother were on hand to celebrate. Sinnadurai Senthivel and Wiji Ratnathicam were there in spirit!


JULY 2013
A photo journal that documents ways in which the project is unfolding, Vavuniya Field Trip: July 2013, is now available.

MARCH 2013
The next trip was in March 2013. The photojournal is available at Vavuniya Field Trip: March 2013, along with the written report and two stories from the field.

A third visit was made in November 2012. The photo diary documenting that trip is now available, Vavuniya Field Trip: November 2012, also with a written field report.

JULY 2012
VanniAid and the Ganesha Team visited Vavuniya and the surrounding area again in July 2012. Another photo diary, Vavuniya Field Trip: July 2012 is available, accompanied by a written field report.

MARCH 2012
In March 2012, VanniAid and Ganesha Project founders and volunteers visited the Vavuniya area. The trip was logged as a photojournal, Vavuniya Field Trip: March 2012 and accompanied by a written field report.

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