Vanni Aid has three, interlocking priorities in northern Sri Lanka:


We support and participate in the Ganesha Program, a secular, non-profit organization, administered by the Namaste Foundation.

The Ganesha Program offers small, non-interest bearing loans to help families recover from the crippling effects of a brutal, protracted war compounded by the 2004 tsunami and repeated flooding.

The average loan is about $400 per family, or $25,000 per village.
A little goes a long way in Sri Lanka.

Loan payments are funneled back into the program to fund infrastructure projects, provide loans to new families and secondary financing for proven borrowers.

The loans support projects such as:

  • vegetable farming and rice cultivation
  • equipment purchase, eg. a hand tractor to prepare the land to raise crops
  • materials for manufacturing bricks
  • livestock purchase, eg. a cow
  • trade skill workshops, eg. welding
  • poultry farming start-ups

Self-sustaining practices and independent banking relationships are encouraged.

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MEDICAL CARE: The provision of free medical clinics in the Vanni Area

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