YESTERDAY, there was very little hope. A brutal, protracted war, a devastating tsunami and repeated flooding all took their toll. The damage was extreme. Vanni villagers were either conscripted to fight or dispersed into camps while their homes were destroyed and their land and livelihood laid to waste. Education became a forgotten luxury. Many suffered terrible wounds and disfigurement, some will remain impaired for the rest of their lives. They all lost loved ones.


Yet, as a people, they survived. And, they came back.

TODAY, as they return one by one, communities are being seeded and nurtured. But, they have very little to work with and they need help to…

  • salvage land, plant crops, rebuild homes and create viable businesses
  • provide remedial English classes so that the new generation will be competitive in the workplace
  • provide essential medical care


SO FAR… two villages, Skandapurum and Mankandi, have been identified and evaluated for assistance. Both villages are remote, undeveloped and in great need. Homes are, at best, a primitive arrangement of corrugated tin roofs, sticks, cinder blocks and dirt. This area is best suited for agrarian life, but the land must be reclaimed from the ravages of war and neglect. Skandapurum and Mankandi families are eager to borrow and work hard.


TOMORROW, as ventures flourish, jobs will become available and communities will begin to nurture themselves. Our goal for the Vanni people is the restoration of self-sufficiency, independence and dignity…values we uphold for ourselves.

Vanni Aid Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. Your contribution is tax deductible.